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Just over a year ago (August 15, 2013), this personal author site went live. Thanks again to the fine folks at Clockpunk Studios, and in particular, Jeremy Tolbert, for the wonderful work. I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel. If you’re a writer and looking for a drop-dead awesome site, check them out.

Now, a year later, the debut novel is out.















What an absolute thrill it has been! I’ve had three book signings thus far, and I’ve written 9 guest blog posts, with a few more to do. I’ve had several interviews, and I still have a couple of signings and readings coming up in the next few weeks. This Thursday I’ll be in California: San Diego and San Francisco. And then I’ll be back home the first few days of September, with several other book events on the horizon.

At the same time I get to start up the new school year and prepare myself for teaching: my 30th year on the job! I started off teaching a combination of high school band and English. Here I am standing in the back of some of my high school band members in 1989 at Disneyland during a day off from a tour. (Future so bright I had to wear shades.)














I’ve been teaching full-time English for the last 22 years. Here’s a stand-on-my-desk moment from two years ago. I’m not sure what I was thinking of saying!















So bring it on, new school year, and bring it on, book two. I’m trying like mad to get the sequel to The Ultra Thin Man done before too long (meaning, before the school year totally sucks me in), and, hopefully, someday within the next year or so, have some spiffy new book cover to put on the front page!