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The Union of Worlds

Slightly Ruby

A man is found murdered and brutally impaled near the Seattle waterfront, and during the investigation, private detectives Dave Crowell and Alan Brindos come face to face with an alien drug known as RuBy. It’s a dangerous prototype that’s bound to cause problems for the eight worlds of the Union. The murder case itself would […]

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The Ultra Big Sleep

(ORDER AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY from the University Bookstore.) Dave Crowell is a hero of the eight worlds of the Union, but he doesn’t want fame or fortune. These days he just wants to run his private detective business with his partner and forget about the Ultras, the insidious aliens that attacked the Union, then vanished. […]

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The Ultra Thin Man

add to Goodreads! (ORDER AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY from the University Bookstore.  Signed copies also available for inscribing at the author’s local bookshop: A Good Book Cafe.  The Ultra Thin Man is a Library Journal Hot Summertime Read in science fiction for 2015! * A tense and fast-paced near-future thriller where aliens, terrorists, and interplanetary conspiracies collide. In […]

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