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A few days ago I finished a 3rd draft of The Ultra Big Sleep, the sequel to The Ultra Thin Man. With this book I’ve been able to highlight some of the milestones in its creation, whereas the first novel was sold and on its way by the time this webpage came into existence. This new […]

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First: Has it really been THAT long since I posted last? Yeesh. Must. Do. Better. This quick note explains that the trade paperback edition of The Ultra Thin Man will be out on July 28! It’s already up on sites for preorder, such as Amazon and Barnes &, sans cover art. I’m looking forward to […]

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Quick word here to say that the first draft of the sequel to The Ultra Thin Man is done! The Ultra Big Sleep has come in at 115,000 words. But … ’tis a rough draft, of course. Much work needs doing as I begin revisions. I expect the length to be somewhat shorter after all is […]

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