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When the first novel came out, there WAS a giveaway of ARCs. All that was handled by Tor. So a little bit of learning curve, and voila, I figured out how to get one going myself. :::pats himself on the back:::

Yep, I’ve got some new hats to wear this time around. I have to do things that pro publishers like Tor, Del Rey, Daw, Baen, etc, usually do for you or help you with.

So THREE advance reader copies (uncorrected proofs) are up for giveaway! It’s so easy. Just gotta click a few times, and you’ll be entered. However, I’ve kept the timeline short. It’s only open from May 3rd through May 10th. One week!

If you don’t win an ARC, look for a giveaway of the FINAL book as well as we head through the next three months.  But even better: Why not buy yourself (and a loved one) a copy?

Here’s the entry widget (but it’s also on the front page):

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Ultra Big Sleep by Patrick Swenson

The Ultra Big Sleep

by Patrick Swenson

Giveaway ends May 10, 2016.

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