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A few days ago I finished a 3rd draft of The Ultra Big Sleep, the sequel to The Ultra Thin Man. With this book I’ve been able to highlight some of the milestones in its creation, whereas the first novel was sold and on its way by the time this webpage came into existence. This new novel has gone through a markedly different process in many ways. For one, it’s not taking mumblety-mumble-mumble years to finish. Because a follow-up book can’t take too long to come out into the world after the first one. The process overall has sped up. And yet I wanted it to go faster. And I’m not done with it by any means. I’ll be editing the 3rd draft from a printout of the book.

Regardless, I’m now in the position of being able to send out the book to trusted first readers to read through it, even as I’m continuing to edit from my end. These are all readers who read book one. I should probably also get someone who has not read the first one to see if it stands alone well enough. I’m also sending it to my agent now to read through. He can give me feedback and also get the ball rolling on pitching this book to my editor. I don’t have a deal for this book (The Ultra Thin Man was a one-book deal), so it still has to catch the editor’s attention. I also will be getting a very short synopsis/outline ready.

That being said, sales of book one will play into any decision about book two. Hard cold facts. Tor has to see they made back a good chunk, if not all, and then some, of their investment. That’s a bit scary.  There are still trade paperback sales to come. More ebook sales when the price goes down.

So feel free, everyone, to punch up those sales numbers and buy that space opera noir novel you have been itching to buy by yours truly! I’m working hard to get the next one out there.