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Quick word here to say that the first draft of the sequel to The Ultra Thin Man is done! The Ultra Big Sleep has come in at 115,000 words. But … ’tis a rough draft, of course. Much work needs doing as I begin revisions. I expect the length to be somewhat shorter after all is said and done.

I finished the draft on Friday night….no, er, Saturday morning, at 4 a.m. It’s been composting since then, and I won’t look at it again until Wednesday night, when I return to the Rainforest Writers retreat for the 2nd of three sessions. The time between is not only for composting, but also for deciding how best to approach the revision process.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Elinor Ward

    Dear Mr. Swenson,
    Just finished “The Ultra Thin Man” and have a couple of questions. But first, let me say I had requested this book from the Dallas Public Library after they had recommended it in their monthly newsletter for Sci/Fi fantasy. I have been waiting several months and was first on the list to receive it.
    Question: on p. 29, para. 3 is the sentence “On the facing page was a photo of five scientists: two humans, a Helk, and a Memor.” I had to look at that a few times, thinking, doesn’t that make four? Your thoughts…
    Secondly, could you please explain how the Ultras [spoilerish]. I am a bit hazy on that.
    As a comment, I can only tell you I was very unhappy when [spoiler redacted!]. Very.
    Elinor Ward, Dallas, TX., Feb. 28, 2015

  2. Patrick Swenson Post author

    Hello, Elinor! Yes, I had a few other readers like yourself catch the error about the five members of the Science Consortium being only 4. I wondered after that if might be able to make something out of it in book 2, but decided not to. It’ll be corrected in the trade paperback version coming out in July.

    Re: what happens with the Ultras (trying to avoid spoilers): it relates to matter and antimatter being mostly unable to coexist. My idea was that the Ultras had figured out a way to contain their antimatter within the matter of the person they had become. I make more of this in book 2. Encourage others to buy the book if you liked it overall and hopefully there will be a 2nd book!

    I agree with you. What happened that you were very unhappy with was sad for me too.

    Thanks for your comments!

    1. Elinor Ward

      [SPOILERS FOLLOW] So then are we saying that the explosions were bound to happen? Just a matter of time? I got the part about matter and anti matter, it was the timing that had me puzzling. Sorry if this ‘spoiler’ reply disrupts the thread, but once one reads the book, important to expand on the crucial elements, altho keeping them from those who are yet to pick up ‘Thin Man’. Glad you could walk the thin line. Warned you I like puns.
      Who was it who said/wrote that the death of thousands is terrible, but the death of one is a tragedy? See Brindos.
      Good luck with # 2. I will try to post on Amazon a positive review, if that will be of help!
      What were you teaching when you were standing on the desk?

      1. Patrick Swenson Post author

        [THIS ANSWER HAS SPOILERS, DEAR POTENTIAL READERS] I didn’t go into great detail there, in that I didn’t feel it was too important, the why and how of it. But essentially, when the one Ultra goes, due to being shot, the others have no way to “hold” onto their cores due to them being part of a larger group consciousness. I don’t go into it…more is made of this idea in book 2.

        Every review helps! An Amazon review would be great.

        I was teaching my Advanced Placement Literature class when I got up on my desk. I don’t remember what specifically!

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